Call for zero discrimination of LGBTIQ + communities

Announcement for Zero Discrimination Day, Friday March 1, 2019


On Zero Discrimination Day the organizers and supporters of Geneva Pride 2019 are joining international calls for action against discriminatory laws and for safe spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and related communities (LGBTIQ +) in all countries.

According to the United Nations: 67 countries continue to criminalize same-sex sexual relations; the death penalty is still implemented for the same-sex sexual relations in at least eight countries; 17 countries criminalize trans people; and only nine countries provide legal recognition for trans people.

Leona Godfrey, co-president of Geneva Pride 2019: « This year’s LGBTIQ + communities around the world are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. In 50 years we have made significant gains in advancing LGBTIQ+ rights and visibility. More than 20 countries now recognize same-sex marriage. Yet in many countries progress is being eroded and significant challenges remain.

« In November 2018, while the Senate of Switzerland voted to criminalize hate speech and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, it failed to do the same for grounds of gender identity. »

Joseph Gorgoni, the genius behind much-loved celebrity Marie-Thérèse Porchet, is using Zero Discrimination Day to launch a fundraising campaign to support Geneva Pride 2019. His message is clear: “Our community is incredibly diverse and ensuring that every one of us can participate safely is critical. Sadly, discrimination and intolerance continues around the world and the steps required to ensure our safety and comfort at Pride events are increasingly costly. We cannot rely on the goodwill of local authorities, businesses and community groups alone – we also, my dear friends, need public support to ensure that Pride can be enjoyed comfortably and free from the fear of prejudice, stigma and discrimination.”

The crowd-funding campaign aims to raise CHF 15,000 towards the overall costs of Geneva Pride.

Jacopo Ograbek co-president of Geneva Pride 2019: “LGBTIQ+ Pride events provide an opportunity to celebrate our diversity alongside our allies and remind the world of the challenges we continue to face. So while we continue to fight for marriage equality for same sex couples in Switzerland we also stand in solidarity with communities around the world facing state-sponsored violence.”

Geneva Pride 2019 is a non-profit association run and supported by volunteers. Geneva Pride organizers are forming partnerships with local organizations and businesses to ensure a successful event and the crowd-funding campaign supported by Marie-Thérèse Porchet (Joseph Gorgoni) seeks to ensure that members of the public can also make a contribution.

In line with the spirit of Zero Discrimination Day, Geneva Pride aims to raise awareness to respect the diversity of all people regardless of their gender, identity and gender expression, sexual orientation and characteristics, nationality, origin, skin colour, age, language, social status, legal status, lifestyle, religious, philosophical or political beliefs, health status, serological status, singularity, physical, intellectual, psychic or sensory ability, physical appearance, as well as historical, cultural and geographical backgrounds.


Zero Discrimination Day

La Ville de Genève: non-discrimination en raison de l’orientation sexuelle ou de l’identité de genre

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